A Little Information about Dr. Joel Murphy

Dr. Joel Murphy combines a deep knowledge of Western veterinary practice with a profound interest in a range of alternative therapies.

Training and Professional Background

After graduating from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Biochemistry and a minor in Animal Psychology, he then attended and graduated from the University of Georgia in 1983. Dr. Murphy was then awarded a fellowship at the University of Georgia Veterinary School to receive advanced training in internal medicine and surgery for cats and dogs. While at the University of Georgia, Dr. Murphy started the exotic animal and bird department and taught these specialties to veterinary students.

Dr. Joel Murphy was one of the first veterinarians in the world to be awarded Board Certification in Exotic Bird Medicine. This advanced specialty requires 4 years of additional training and testing following the customary 8 years of veterinary school. He founded the Murphy Exotic Bird Research Center to advance the knowledge of avian nutrition, breeding and medicine. This was one of the largest non-profit research facilities for the study of captive breeding and nutrition of exotic birds in the world and was featured on Good Morning America.

Alternative Therapies

In addition to traditional medicine, Dr. Murphy has had extensive training in homeopathy, Reiki, Adamantine therapy, flower essences and herbal medicine. He recognizes many patients respond to or are greatly helped by alternative therapies in cases where traditional surgery and drug therapy has not been effective. A lifelong meditator himself, he recognizes the importance of vibrational medicine as an adjunct to Western allopathic care. He has formulated a range of flower essences which can be seen at https://www.rainfloweressence.com/.

Years of deep meditation, deep inner work, yoga and the energy healing that he does has opened his ability to feel and see vibrational energies in plants and animals. While on parrot research trips deep in the Amazon Rainforest Dr. Murphy noticed the very strong energies from the plants, especially from the orchids. Just like for many flower essence practitioners, the plants seemed to call out or communicate that they wanted essences made of their energy for people. Since then Dr. Murphy has made many essences from many sacred sites on the planet. Dr. Murphy also uses a group of intuitive people to determine which chakras the essences benefit.

Dr. Murphy also works closely with many nutriceuticals and herbal companies in developing holistic therapies for pets. Recently, Dr. Murphy formulated an entire line of nutriceuticals herbal therapies for dogs and cats that can be seen at http://www.renewlife.com/specialty-supplements/pet-health.html.

Publications and TV Appearances

Dr. Murphy has written four books on pet care as well as many articles for veterinary journals and pet magazines. He has been a guest lecturer for veterinarian conferences all over the United States, Europe and as far away as Nepal. He has done many television shows and has been seen on all of the local Tampa Bay television stations and has been featured on Animal Planet.

Personal Life

Dr. Murphy is married to Caroline Murphy and has 3 children. When not working, he enjoys sailing, scuba diving, skiing, and horseback riding and going to the movies with his family. For fun Dr. Murphy does wildlife and landscape photography that can be viewed at https://drjmphotography.zenfolio.com/.


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