As I arise from my slumbers I hear and feel the sounds and energy of the rainforest. Maybe it is being hundreds of miles from any of the electromagnetic fields generated by our current technology or maybe it is just the healing power of the rainforest, but the energy is palpable. I immediately go into a short 30 minute meditation, clearing all the cobwebs leftover from vibrant dreams.

Breakfast is excellent, fresh melons and fruit naturally grown in the Amazon. After breakfast we get everybody’s stuff and camera gear together and set off on our journey of exploration in boats. It is rainy season so the water is 30 to 40 feet above the river’s dry season level. Even so, the trees still tower above us. As we drift through massive trunks, the sounds of the rainforest are soothing. I quiet my mind and let my thoughts float like bubbles though my consciousness, reaching out with my mind to feel the energies flowing by. An orchid’s energy touches my consciousness. I often find I am especially drawn to the energy of an orchid’s flowers. My 6th chakra throbs as I tune into the orchid’s pattern. I also notice my solar plexus and heart chakra light up.

I ask permission and guidance from the orchid, divas, spirits and angels before I remove a few flowers from the hundreds of flowers in the orchid cluster. I place the flower on top of the crystal bowl filled with special water that I use to prepare essences. Then I say a silent prayer asking for the orchid to infuse the water with its specific energy pattern then invite all the divas, rainforest spirits, and angels to assist. Then I say another silent prayer to he who is above all other names to purify and elevate the energy of the orchid to help mankind.

Then I let the elements of air, fire (sun), water, and earth complete the process of making the mother tincture. Later, through quiet meditation and energy dowsing, will determine what benefits the flower essence have for people.

Note: We never remove flowers from the rainforest. All the parts of the orchid used to make the essences are returned and no species are ever endangered by our activities.


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