Vibrational medicine tends to work on causes of disease, rather than merely controlling the symptoms. It works on the scientific principle that everything in the Universe vibrates at a certain frequency. The frequencies of disease and emotional disharmony are different from the frequencies of health and happiness. By introducing the frequencies we want to create in a person, or animal, we can move their frequencies to a more healthy level.

Flower essences and the water they are created from are especially powerful in shifting frequencies. Flowers gather energy from the sun and the environment and it’s this energy that we can use. Think of a dark, dirty alleyway filled with rubbish. How does it make you feel? Lowered, sick, and depressed are common feelings from this thought. Now mentally change your focus to the most beautiful orchid shimmering with dew in a vibrant rainforest. You will immediately feel more positive and more relaxed. That is a small demonstration of how vibrational healing takes place. Actually ingesting the essence makes it even more powerful.

Modern medicine tends to think of us as extremely solid bodies, which are fixed and frozen by the processes of disease. Dr Candace Pert, the medical researcher who discovered the opiate receptor, questions this view. “Our bodies are more like flickering flames,” she says. “They change with our emotional states.” Citing research on people with multiple personality disorder (where people switch one personality to another without being able to control it), she shows that in some personalities a person might have diabetes (normally considered a manageable but incurable disorder) but in others, they don’t. Same body, different emotions, and different diseases - it all depends on the frequency of the vibration of the emotion we are experiencing.

In working with grief, it’s important to support the process of grieving as much as possible. The objective is not to avoid difficult emotions, like anger or depression but to move through them to peace. Use vibrational medicine to help you and support you on the journey.


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